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The Emergency Officer System


You most certainly have read the inside of the Front Cover of Jilalan. There is a paragraph headed: “Emergency Officer”.

AND, you would have noticed the same title in the header above each “Outings” description.


What does it mean?


We have so many Newer Members & Visitors that an explanation of “The System” is about time.


We have several reasons for the existence of the Emergency Officer for Club Events.


. The “EO” is the first point of contact for any emergency involving an outing.


. The Outing Leader rings the EO prior to the outing to advise: who is on the outing and their next-of-kin contact number; the rego numbers, type & drivers of the cars going on the outing; if anyone & who is travelling independently and where they are joining the outing + contact details; some details of where the cars will be going and will be parked; and details of any car shuffle; some details of the route being walked.

. [It is normal for the Leader to phone the EO the night prior to the Outing to give the details, and to ring again when the Outing leaves the Meeting Point to give last minute details.]


. If you are running late on your way to the Meeting Point for the Outing, and you calculate the Leader has already left home, ring the EO – say you are running late & will be at the Meeting Point in XX minutes.

.. The Leader will ring the EO before going from the Meeting Point in order to get late messages, and to pass on changes to the nominations & transport. Thus, someone will be left at the Meeting Point to take you. Mobile phones will allow you to ring the Leader direct – cut out the middleman.


. For an outing coming home later than usual:

.. If you are away on an outing, those left at home can get worried if you are not home. They can phone the EO, but not before 9pm. Some outings can get back late, so we do not want an early panic.

.. The Leader phones the EO on the outing’s return to Brisbane to let the EO know the outing is back & lets the EO know if any vehicle was to deviate.


. But before this, if the Outing is delayed for any reason, the Leader will ring the “EO” to advise a new estimated time of arrival back in Brisbane, any trouble the party encountered to make them late, and the home contact numbers of members of the party.

.. The EO rings up all next of kin to let them know what is happening.


. If for any reason the outing becomes separated, the two halves ring the EO to check in – the EO will be the one co-ordinating the two halves getting together again.


.. To co-ordinate the search or rescue of Club members in trouble:

.. If there is an emergency on the Outing, the Leader contacts the EO to advise:

What the emergency is,

Where everyone is,

In what state everyone is,

What the plan is,

... What is needed.


.. The EO stays by the phone for future developments,

Ring the President, Outings Secretary or other Committee Members if either of those two cannot be contacted.

They will decide how far to escalate the situation, i.e., ring FMR, organise a in-Club rescue party, put various experienced members on stand-by, send a car to the location to wait on-site with food, water, warm clothes, tents or what ever is required for the emergency. The Club does not contact Police, Ambulance, SES, Helicopter, the media & etc.

Normally, we wait 24 hours before any rescue is organised for an overdue party. If there is an accident or injury, it is different.


.. The EO does all the phoning to FMR,

To the next of kin.


.. The EO organises the rescue, or what ever is required. Thus, the EO takes the burden off the Leader who will micro manage the situation out in the field.

The EO does not talk to the media.

The Leader does not talk to the media.


. FMR will handle contact with the Police, SES, the Ambulance & the media.

.. FMR takes over the situation from here

The EO remains the Contact for BCBC and the Next of Kin.


An Emergency includes: bad weather, flood, fire, heat, lost property, animal attack, accident, injury, medical emergency, death, lost car, car breakdown, road accident, someone lost, the whole party lost, party split.


Everyone on the Outing needs to know the Name & Phone Number of the Emergency Officer – You never know but it may be You that needs to do the phoning.


The people At Home need to know the Emergency Procedures, The Name & Phone Number of the Emergency Officer as that is the ONLY Number they need to ring.


The Emergency Officer (EO or Emerg Off) needs to know the procedures, the duties & needs to be EXPERIENCED with the Club and Bushwalking. If You have walked under a variety of conditions, you can imagine what the party in the field is experiencing.


Needless to say, the Emergency Officer tries to stay Home for the whole time the outing is in the field – at least, someone must be at home at that phone number, and this person must be able to contact the named Emergency Officer at all times.


Walk With A CLUB,

It Makes A Difference.

Tell Someone Where You Are Going.


For your own safety, Don’t walk Alone.


Greg E (11/04)


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