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Brisbane Catholic Bushwalking Club

PO Box 31, Red Hill Qld 4059

Ph: 3351 4092


How We Organise Ourselves (And You)

The Club meets the 3rd Monday of each month, from 7.30pm at St Michael's Parish Hall, 250 Banks St, Ashgrove (the old Dorrington). VISITORS are always welcome. The hall is behind the church building, down on the lower terrace. Just drive into the car park by the left hand entrance, and continue down the ramp to the lower car park. You cannot see the hall from the road.

After the meeting stay for a cup of tea or coffee and talk to us about gear, equipment, clothing, types of outings, past walks, socials and more.

Membership is open to those 18 & over. People of the Catholic faith become Ordinary Members. Non-Catholics can become Associate Members. There is no maximum age – fitness determines when you cease. The current average age of the membership is 35 to 40. We have members in their 20’s while some are in their 60’s.

Persons under 18 can attend any Club event but they must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Currently, the annual subscription is $35.

For specific enquiries, contact the committee member concerned. For outings or socials, contact the leader shown in the calendar or newsletter article.


We have approximately 2 walks and a social each month. Walks vary from moderate through to challenging. The level of walks is mixed throughout the year, so there is variety each month. There is something for everyone.

“Jilalan”, our monthly newsletter, shows contact details of the leaders and a description of activities for the coming month.

Trips generally leave from the St Brigid’s car park, Musgrave Rd, Red Hill. However, check our magazine, Jilalan, to see if the leaving place or time has altered.

The Club arranges transport by allocating drivers to the trips. This way, visitors are not driving around unfamiliar roads with the possibility of getting lost.

All trips finish at St Brigid’s, Red Hill.

Our Trips

Our territory stretches from Pomona and Cooroy on the Sunshine Coast to the Border Ranges of Mt Barney, O’Reillys, Binna Burra, Tamborine & Mt Warning, and from the Bay Islands to the mountains around Toowoomba, Warwick, Stanthorpe & the Bunya Mtns.

Day Walks: are trips that take a day to complete. You generally leave St Brigid’s, Red Hill at 7am, on either the Saturday or Sunday. You drive an hour to the selected peak, and then walk 4 hours till lunch. Then it’s about 3 hours back to the car, often via a different route, and another hour’s drive back to Red Hill.

Over Nighter: the trip leaves Red Hill mid to late afternoon, either Friday or Saturday. Usually you stop for dinner at a country café, then camp beside a creek near the peak. That way you have more walking time the next day. An overnighter trip allows you to go further afield to do that more challenging geographical feature. You also get an over-night camping experience without too much fuss.

Base Camp: leaves Red Hill at about 7pm on the Friday evening, after dinner. Then you drive for up to 2 hours to the camp site, and set up your tent etc – you come self- contained in one pack – no extras please. Then off to bed to be prepared for the 2 day-walks over the next 2 days. Being on the spot Saturday morning means you do a full day’s walk. Similar to an over-nighter, except that it’s for 2 nights & you are cooking for yourself on Saturday night.

Through Walk: same as a base camp, except you carry all your possessions on your back and head bush for 2 days. You see a lot more country by walking through it without having to go back to base at night.


(a)               Always read the Jilalan article to check the departure point, date and time.

(b)               Walk departures are usually from Red Hill Parish Hall, Musgrave Rd. Check “Jilalan” or phone the leader to determine the location.

(c)                The Club will usually organise transport for each outing, but you must nominate in advance to the leader. Contacting someone else may lead to your nomination becoming “lost”. Nominations should preferably be made by the Wednesday night prior to the activity so that transport etc. can be arranged. Note that nominations for some walks may close well in advance of this. Late nominations may not be accepted.

(d)               Walkers are responsible for their own transport to and from the departure point.

(e)               Walks are rarely cancelled – if they are, all nominees will be notified. Should you change your mind and decide not to come to a Club event, please notify the leader as soon as possible. Never assume an outing is cancelled.

(f)               If, after you have nominated, you decide not to come on the outing, you must ring the leader to advise the fact. Do not just fail to turn up and not tell anyone.

(g)               If you are running late for the departure point, ring the Emergency Officer, or if the leader shows a mobile phone number, phone the leader.

(h)                All visitors must sign an Assumption of Risk form for insurance.


If you have not returned from an outing by 9:00pm your family may ring the Emergency Officer for that outing– but please don’t panic. If the Emergency Officer (EO or Emerg Off) is not mentioned, ring either the President or Vice President.


The rural, agricultural, natural & mountain areas of Australia are not like a suburban area. People require common sense when walking for hours away from “civilisation”.

There are different “dangers”, some of which are: rough ground, slopes, animals, rocks, cliffs, flowing waters, annoying vegetation, heat, dust, the drive on any activity, and more.

Each person is responsible for themselves and their safety. Each person is also responsible to some extent for those around them – people must be alert.

Each person chooses an activity for themselves and decides if they are capable of undertaking it.

People need a level of fitness to be able to undertake the activity they are doing while bushwalking.

People should be capable of keeping up with the rest of the party.

People with special medical problems should not be away from care.

It is assumed that all participants in Club activities will take responsibility for providing the recommended equipment & clothing for each bushwalk.

WARNING: All persons, adult or child, member or visitor, undertakes all activities of the Club at their own risk. The club is not in a position to even state that all care will be taken.


You will need a small pack, rain protection, hat, at least 2 litres of water (more on the drier trips), camera, lunch, morning tea, & nibbles. Lunch is what you would normally eat at home. Appropriate clothing would be good “gardening clothes” and sturdy joggers with good grip.


The Club has some tents and through-walk packs to hire to visitors and newer members. Borrowers are responsible for collecting and returning equipment, as well as making good any loss or damage over and above normal wear and tear. Hire rates – Packs $10/ weekend, Tents $5:00 – Deposit of $20:00 required.


The Association requires that all walkers on all trips should carry certain minimal basic equipment. This should comprise the following – a first aid kit, a torch, a parka/raincoat, hat, shirt, 30+ sunscreen and at least 2 litres of water. Leaders may require that walkers carry other equipment. Advice of this will be given in Jilalan and/or by the leader.


The Club, as a whole, retains knowledge of a vast number of areas in Queensland. Anyone can find their way to the recognised tourist spots to do a walk. To get off the beaten track requires knowledge – something clubs have in abundance.

A club gives you confidence to explore new areas with friends – discovery without doubt.

A club gives you training in the way to do things safely, teaches you how to be environmentally conscious, and hones up your leadership skills.


B.C.B.C. has been alive for 52 years, and has had many thousands of members. You probably know a past member. We have walked every area in SE Qld many times over, following every route. Some members have walked in Tasmania, New Zealand, Nepal and Europe . We currently have about 110 members.

Please phone for a copy of our monthly magazine, “Jilalan”.