Jilalan Style Guide

V2 - 21/02/2008

Prepared By Greg, Editor 2007


In order to assist me in putting together each month’s Jilalan, I am asking all contributors to keep to a standard format. This will save me hours of work each month.


As I receive more copy from you, there may be updates to this list.


  1. Please Save this Guide on your hard-drive where you can find it next time you write an article.
  2. When typing articles, whatever they are, please type them in a Word Document - no matter how small your article is.
  3. Do not type the article in the e-mail, but send it as an attachment to the e-mail.
  4. In the Subject Line of the e-mail, show that it is a Jilalan Article for the month of “mm/yy” and show the names of the articles – eg: Coming Walk Mt XXX, OR Past for YYY Ck, Or President’s Report OR whatever it is.
  5. Send all articles to my home e-mail address.
  6. Once the article is typed, go to the File “drop down” box, click on “Send To”, click on “Mail To Recipient (as Attachment)”. This opens up your e-mail account with the Word Document already as an attachment.
  7. You can put all your articles in the one Word Document, so long as there is enough of a gap between them so I know where one finishes and the next begins.
  8. Unless you have a strong objection, set your computer to “Australian English”. Click on “Tools”, “Language”, “Set Language” and look for “English (Australia)”. Click on “English (Australia)”. You can set it as “Default” so that your computer is permanently “Australian”.
  9. Use normal Margins; don’t change the Default Setting.
  10. Don’t put in any Headers, Footers, Footnotes or Page Numbers.
  11. Use Left and Right Justification – “Fully Justified”.
  12. Do not put in Columns – I will do that myself when formatting.
  13. Unless you have an objection, use only one space after a full stop.
  14. Please use no Effects (Embossed, Outline, Shadow & etc) with the Fonts.
  15. Please use Arial font.
  16. Headings are 14 point.
  17. Body of articles in 12 point.
  18. Use black – no colour.
  19. Only use Bold, Italics or Underline to emphasise a word or two and not as a matter of course.
  20. Please Spell Check – in Australian English.
  21. Check Punctuation of Proper Nouns, like the Names of Geographical Features.
  22. Check Punctuation. Use commas where necessary.
  23. Don’t make sentences too long and/or complicated.
  24. When “taking” wording off the Web, alter the Style to “Normal”. Style is the box at the top left end of the Tool Bar (usually next to Font & Font Size on the bottom of the Tool Bars). It will normally show “Normal + Justified” or even “Normal + Justified, Times New Roman”. If it shows “HTML Preformatted”, use the Drop Down to alter it to “Normal”. You will then have to reformat the Font, Font Size, Justification and Paragraphs.
  25. When taking/borrowing/copying articles or parts of articles from other sources, block the text, and alter it to Arial and 12 Point.
  26. Please do not squeeze up the type to make your article look shorter. Use normal spacing between letters – Normal Character Spacing.
  27. Use normal Single Line Spacing.
  28. Try not to use Text Breaks, eg, Page Breaks, New Page & etc
  29. Text Wrapping is good.
  30. Send me photos and drawings – I can include one or two each month.
  31. I do not have Publisher, so I have to put it all together as a Word Document.
  32. When “borrowing” sentences, paragraphs, articles, photos, drawings – anything at all, Acknowledge where it came from with: Author, Publisher, Publication, Date of Publication, and, if “borrowed” from a big publication, the Page Number. No Acknowledgment, Not Printed.
  33. Nothing libellous please: No Insults, Lies, Defamation. “MBS” can be a bit of a problem. Say nothing bad. We do not want to hurt anyone’s feelings. I do not want legal problems.
  34. Jilalan is not a BCBC internal newsletter – it goes out to Visitors, Parishes, Newspapers & is put on the Web. The State Library keeps a permanent copy for anyone to look up. The World gets to see Jilalan. It is the window that outsiders use to look into the Club – we want them to see a good neat “room” through this “window”. Also, they need to see Unity. They need to see Order. They need to see Successful Organising.
  35. The Closing Date for articles is still the First of the Month.
  36. As Editor, I reserve the right to alter, amend, move, shorten or not print articles.


See Examples Below.



For A “Coming Event” Article

14 Point, Arial, Bold

All Uppercase

No Underlining

Name of Event

Date: Day, Date, Month Spelt

Date First, Day behind,

Name of Event

Type of Event










Leader: Richard JJJJJJJ Ph: 3353 2822

12 Point, Arial, Bold

Sentence Case

No Underlining

Use Ph: before the Phone No

Note: Location – a NEW Feature

Meet at: St Brigid’s Car Park, Musgrave Rd, Red Hill

Time: 6:30am

Grade: S 4 4

Cost: $15.00

Location: At Cunningham’s Gap, just short of Mt Cordeau

Web: www.abcdef.com.au

Emerg Off: Michele JJJJJJ Ph: 3355 0656


We are having a little more rain lately than we have had for a while and if that keeps up we should be rewarded with some fine views. The next paragraph is from a National Parks publication. This should be a reasonable guide to the walk although I suspect it overstates the level of fitness required.













14 Point, Ariel, Bold

All Uppercase

No Underlining

Name of Event

Date: Day, Date, Month Spelt

Type of Event

For a “Past Event” Report







Fifteen walkers gathered at St Brigid’s at 7:00am on a beautiful Sunday morning whilst a further 8 gathered at my place. Philip co-ordinated the St Brigid’s end and, after regrouping at my place about 7:30am, we set off for Tennison Woods. After collecting Greg M along the way, we were ready to commence “The Quest for the Wreck”.

12 Point, Ariel

Sentence Case

Fully Justified

No Bold

No Italics

One Space After a Full Stop

Don’t forget Capitals for Proper Nouns













For Something “Borrowed”









If a big publication, also Page Number

Should also have the Publisher “Sydney Catholic Bushwalkers”

But alas the time to spare,

For that dream beyond compare.

Here to stay and mope,

And long with heartfelt hope.


By Jim Teys, THE WAYSIDER, No. 203, June - July 1987