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Welcome to the Brisbane Catholic Bushwalking Club. The Club conducts bush walks throughout South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales. We encourage an appreciation and conservation of the Australian landscape, wilderness, plants and animals.

Bushwalking   =   tramping, rambling, backpacking, hiking, bush walking - whatever your terminology is, it is all the same to us - bushwalking.

Bushwalking - What Is It: it is bush walking in an area that you generally would not be able to do yourself when you jump into your car with a few friends and go off and do the walk yourself. If you can buy a guide book & do your walk, you do not need a Club. Bushwalking with a Club is bushwalking in those areas where experience is required to know the route, the terrain, the unexpected and getting the necessary permission to cross the land. You should Walk with a Club because of the pool of knowledge built up in the Club over the years by members sharing knowledge and experiences, and passing this on to the current generation of walkers. Walking with a Club lets you into new areas you did not know existed and where the route is not easy to find.

Our walks include all the varieties possible:

    Daywalks: leaving Brisbane in the morning and driving for up to 90 minutes to a hill, peak, beach, a rainforest or graded track, and doing about a 6-hour walk up, over or around the geographical feature.
            For example: Kondalilla Falls, the Glasshouse Mountains, Lamington National Park, Mt Maroon, D'Aguilar Ranges.

    Overnighters: by leaving the previous afternoon and camping on site, it allows us to travel further to climb our mountain for a normal day walk.
            For example: the Conondale Ranges, Lizard Ridge, Wilsons Peak to Mt Clunie to the Lindesay Border Gate, Mt Barney Creek, Swan Creek.

    Basecamps: leaving Brisbane on a Friday evening, setting up camp at the walking area and staying for two night's camp. Do two day walks from this central location.
            For Example: Cooloola Beach National Park, Booloomba Creek, Brisbane Forest Park, Moreton Island or Stradbroke Island, Girraween National Park.

    Throughwalks: a two or three day bushwalk where you carry all your gear, equipment and food needed on your back in a pack, that also includes your tent and stove. The ultimate in bush walking experience - you really get to know your walking companions.
            For Example: in Lamington National Park Numinbah Gap to the Gold Coast at Point Danger, the Ramparts, the Main Range, O'Reillys to Christmas Creek, Mt Bellow.


The types of terrain we walk through includes:

    Rainforest: some of the most enjoyable country - lush, deep green, shady, moist, cool , with crystal clear water in mountain streams, often has good lookouts over the plains far below.
            For Example: Maiala & Mt Nebo in the Mt Glorious National Park, Goomburra Valley, the Stretcher Track in the Christmas Creek area in the southern Lamington National Park, the Border Track between Binna Burra & OReillys, Bushrangers Cave & Mt Marino in the Numinbah Gap area.

    Creeks: are many & varied - each has a personality of its own. Some hardly flow, some are rocky with slabs & boulders, some are too wide to cross and all run from bank to bank in flash floods. Rock slabs, huge boulders, waterfalls and gorges are beautiful.
            For Example: Noosa River at Harry's Hut, Northbrook Gorge in Brisbane Forest Park, Swan & Emu Cks, Running Creek, Canungra Ck.

    Monoliths: these are the hills or peaks that are a single rock mass, and are mainly situated in the Glasshouse Mountains and Girraween. You do have uninterrupted views from the top as there is no vegitation to get in the way. It is also fun climbing them because they are so unusual.
            For Example: Mts Beerwah & Beerburrum in the Glasshouse Mountains, Bald Rock, The Pyramid & Mt Norman in Girraween, Egg Rock, the Steamers.

    Peaks: those indiviudal peaks that mainly dot the coastal plane from the Gympie area down to Northern New South Wales and from the suburbs of Brisbane to the Great Dividing Range to out west. These peaks shoot up from the surrounding country to approx 750m. These mountains have some rock, are covered in bush & scrub, and generally have view points all along the route.
            For Example: Mt Greville, Mt Coolum, Mt Moon, Mt Ernest, Mt Edwards.

    Mountains: are not isolated peaks that stand alone, but are where there are a mass of ridges linked, with the heights standing tall. They are higher than peaks, and often have vegitation all the way to the top. There is a range of flora & fauna to be seen.
            For Example: Mt Castle, Mt Barney, Mt Superbus, Double Peak, Spicers Peak.

    Ridges: are that long finger of terrain that goes from the plane up to the summit of a peak or mountain, one good way for you to reach the top. Would have good views, unless covered in rainforest. It could be steep and could have some rock.
            For Example: South-East & Peasants & Eagles Ridge & Savages on Mt Barney, Lizard Ridge.

    Lookouts: are what you have gone bushwalking for - to view the expance at your feet. There is nothing to compare with a swirling mist in front of you at dawn, and it parts for a few moments and you see lush green country far down below you between your feet - then the mist closes again and it is lost.
            For Example: Point Lookout, Montserrat, Panorama Point, Pats Bluff at O'Reillys, Echo Point on the Border Track in Lamington National Park.

    Ranges: the true aim of every through walk - to spend a weekend skylining across the ridge tops, up peak and down saddle, views to the left & right, stopping for nothing and camping in that "room with a view".
            For Example: the Bunya Mtns, the Main Border Track in Lamington National Park, the Border Ranges National Park (Wiangaree), Mistake Range in the Goomburra Valley area, anywhere on the McPherson Ranges.

    Beaches: very picturesque, though it can be very hot, wet & hard under foot.
            For Example: Rainbow Beach to Freshwater Lake, Moreton Island, Fraser Is, the Cooloola Wilderness Trail, Byron Bay to Evans Head, Bribie Island.

    Granite Country: excellent country for poking around in, and rock that grips to your shoes that makes it excellent for scrambling over. caves to explore, lost worlds to find, flora & fauna to spy on. Always a fun weekend.
            For Example: various Bald Rocks & Mt Norman & the Pyramids in Girraween National Park, Sundown National Park near Goondiwindi, Gibralta Ranges, Guy Fox River National Park.

    Brisbane Area: there are some good walks in the local area, where you know you do a day's walk, and for all appearances are away from "civilisation".
            For Example:Mt Coot tha, Raven St Reserve to Boondall Wetlands, Shorncliffe to Scarborough, Toohey Forest, Mt Byron.

    More Distant Places: the Mt Etna & Olsens Caves, Carnarvon Gorge, Blackdown Tableland, Chillago Caves, Hinchenbrook, the Snowy Mountains, the Overland Track - Cradle Mountain to Lake St Clair in Tasmania, Federation Peak & the South West Track in Tasmania, and of course anywhere in New Zealand.

    Favourite Areas: the Gold Coast Hinterland, the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, Cunninghams Gap, McPherson Ranges, Lamington Plateau, O'Reillys Guesthouse, Binna Burra Lodge, Green Mountains.

Our outings range from "easy" for the beginner, through to "medium" for the average walker,and to "hard" for the enthusiast. Some examples are:

    Easy: a walk that anyone who is mobile can do, but still can take most of the day to do. Would include most graded tracks.
            For Example: Cunninghams Gap, Greens Falls, Tooloona Circut, Shipstern Circut, Westrays Grave.

    Medium: a walk over a rough bush track, or no track at all. It will be over rough country and most likely up a hill of some sort. You are amongat the flora & fauna of Australia.
            For Example: Mt Tibrogargan, Mt Sampson, Flinders Peak, Lobster Ck and Booloumba Creek in the Conondale Ranges, Obi Obi Gorge.

    Hard: for the experienced bush walker who wants more.
            For Example: Logans Ridge, Mt Gipps to Bushrangers Cave, Lost World - Widgee, the Steamers, Mt Beau Brummel to Sylvesters Lookout.

    Never Climbed: because of safety reasons.
            For Example:Mt Lindesay on the Queensland & New South Wales border, Crookneck in the Glasshouse Mountains.

The Main Walks are in the: Gold Coast Hinterland, Lamington National Park, The Beaudesert / Boonah / Rathdowney triangle, along the Queensland / New South Wales border (the McPherson Ranges), in the mountains east of Warwick, Cunninghams Gap and northwards, the Scenic Rim, Stanthorpe / Texas border area (the Granite Belt), the Toowoomba area, Bunya Mountains, the Laidley / Gatton / Rosewood surrounds, Esk and the Brisbane Valley, Jimna State Forest / Conondale Ranges / Kenilworth area, Obi Obi River, Mapleton to Maleny along the range, Glasshouse Mountains, the Sunshine Coast area, Noosa Lakes and up to Cooroy/ Pomona / Gympie, Fraser Island, My Glorious (Maiala National Park in the D'Aguilar Ranges), including the Brisbane Forest Park, the Brisbane suburban hills, and the Moreton Bay Islands.

Across the border, we walk in the Tweed Valley, Mt Warning, Nightcap Range, along the Tweed Range (Wiangaree Ranges), the N.S.W Border Ranges (Leavers Plateau), Bald Rock in the Granite Belt, and on the Great Dividing Range - the Gibralta Range, Guy Fawkes River, the New England area, Mt Kapatur, the Warrambungles and occasionally in the Blue Mountains.
As you can see, there is a lot to see, walk in and camp near.

    Gold Coast Hinterland: Tamborine, Springbrook, the Tallebudgera Creek mountains, Numinbah Gap, Mt Cougil, Tomewin Border Gate to the Gold Coast airport and onto Point Danger.

Tamborine: Witches Falls Circuit, Palm Grove & Jenyn's Falls Circuit, Curtis Falls, Joalah Circuit.

Springbrook: Twin Falls Circuit, Warrie Circuit anfd the Pinnacle, Purlingbrook Falls including Waringa Pool, Bilbrough Lookout, Natural Arch / Natural Bridge, Pages Pinnacle, Numinbah Gap and not forgetting Best Of All Lookout.

The Cougals: Mt Cougal, including East Cougal Peak & West Cougal Peak, Boyds Butte, Cougal Cascade, Upper Currumbin Creek and the Upper Tallebudgera Creek, the Garden Of Eden, Tomewin Border Gate.

Lamington Plateau:

    Binna Burra: Coomera River, Nixon Creek, Ship Stern / Egg Rock & Turtle Rock (the Shipstern Circuit), Numinbah Gap & Bushrangers Cave, Pyramid Rock, Laheys Tabletop, Mtns Hobwee / Wagawn / Merino, the Border Track, Tullawallal Circuit, Daves Creek Circuit, the Coomera Circuit, Coomera Falls / Coomera Gorge, Illinbah Circuit, Lower Ballunjui Falls, Upper Ballunjui Falls, Gwongoorool Pool/ The Swimming Pool, Darlington Range, White Caves track (the Caves Circuit).

    O'Reillys: (Also known as Green Mountains) Echo Point, Toolona Circut, Castle Craig, Moonlight Craig, Morans Falls, Lyrebird Lookout, the Wishing Tree Track, Commando Track & Morans Creek, Blue Pool / Stairway Falls / Fountain Falls / Bull Ant Spur (West Canungra Creek Track), East Canungra Creek, Pat's or Luke's Bluff, Lightning Falls Circuit, Albert River Circuit, the Main Border Track to Binna Burra, Duck Creek Rd, Cainbable Falls.

    Albert River Area: Lost World, Mt Widgee, North or South Albert River, Red Rock Cutting & Black Canyon up to Lightning Falls & Thunder Falls, Rat-a-tat Hut & Mt Worendo.

    Christmas Creek: Westray's Grave, the Stinson Wreck & Point Lookout, Buchanans Fort, Neglected Mountain, the Stretcher Track, North Christmas Creek, Stoddarts Rd.

    Running Creek: Mt Gipps, Black Snake Ridge, Running Creek Falls & Pool, England Creek, Running Creek above The Falls, South Running Creek, Mt Chinghee.

    To Border Loop (Richmond Gap): Tweed Trig, Mt Gipps, Gradys Creek, Wiangaree.

Wiangaree (Border Ranges National Park of NSW): Gradys Creek, Bribdle Creek, Tweed Pibacle, The Bar Mountain, Green Pidgeon.

McPherson Ranges: Lions Road, Richmond Gap (Border Loop), Leavers Plateau, Long Creek, Mt Tanna, Mt Glennie & Glennie's Chair, Collins Gap, Mt Lindesay.

Western McPhersons: Mt Ballow, Mt Clunie, Boonah Border Gate, Wilsons Peak, Teviot Gap.

Further West: Condamine Gorge, Acacia Plateau, White Swamp Border Gate, Queen Marys Falls.

Woodenbong / Urbenville Area: the Obilisk, Edinburgh Castle.

East of Warwick (the Main Range): Mt Mitchell, Spicers Gap & Peak (incl Governors Chair), Double Top, Mt Huntley, Mt Asplenium, Panorama Point, Mt Steamer, Lizard Point, Mt Roberts, Mt Superbus, Mt Bell, Teviot Gap.

East of Warwick (the creek valleys):

    The old Spicers Gap Road: Mt Mitchell, Mt Matheson, Spicers Gap, Governor's Chair, Spicers Peak

    Swan Creek: Hellhole Gorge, Spicers Peak, Double Top, Sentinel PointMt Hntley.

    Emu Creek: The old sawmill site, The Steamers (the Prow, Funnel, Mast & Stern), the Lincoln Wreck, Mt Guymer, Rocky Creeh & Falls.

    Condamine River & Teviot Gap:Mt Superbus, the Lincoln Wreck, Teviot Falls, Queen Mary's Falls, Wilsons Peak, Lizard Pt, The Verandah.

Mt Ballow: Burnett Creek, Mt Philip, Double Peak, Junction Peak, Montserrat Lookout, Nothofagus Mt, Minnages.

Mt Barney: Upper Portals, Barrabool, Barney Spur, Midget Peak, Leaning Ridge, North Peak, East Peak, West Peak, Savages Ridge, Barney Gorge, Eagles Ridge, Logans Ridge, Southeast Ridge, South or Bushwalkers or Peasants Ridge, Rocky Creek.

The Barney Locality: Mt Maroon, Knaps Peak, Mt Gillies, Mt Ernest, Capmbells Folly, Glennie's Chair, Lower Portals, Barney Waterfall, Mt Alford.

The Ipswich Plain: Mt Blaine, Goolmans Rocks, Flinders Peak, Ivorys Rocks, Mt Edwards & Little Edwards, Reynolds Gorge, Mt Greville, Mt Walker, Mt Moon.

Cunninghams Gap: Mt Mitchell, Mt Cordeau, Morgans Lookout, Bare Rock, Mt Devlin, The Ramparts, Sylvesters Lookout.

Goomburra Valley area: Sylvesters Lookout, Laidley Falls, Hole in the Wall, Mt Castle, the Mistake Mountains, the Little Liverpool Range, Blackfellows Falls.

Mistake Mountains: Point Pure, the Amphitheatre, Mt Michael, Blackfellows Falls.

Little Liverpool Range: Mt Castle, Grasstree Knob, Kangaroo Mountain, Mt Beau Brummel.

Toowoomba Environs: Flagstone Creek, Mt Tabletop, Bunya Mountains (Bunya Mtns).

Stanthorpe & Texas:

    Girraween (also nown as Wyberba): Bald Rock, North Bald Rock, Sourh Bald Rock, East Bald Rock, Mt Noeman,The Eye of the Needle, the Gorge that Time Forgot, Castle Rock, The Wombat Caves, The Pyramids (South & North), the River Cave, Dr Robinsons Waterhole, the Aztec Temple, the Underground River.

    Sundown National Park (the Severn River): Red Rock Gorge, the Rats Castle.

    McIntyre River: McIntyre Gorge.

    Texas Caves (Drought Only).

Bunya Mountains: Burton's Well, Mt Kiangarow, the Western Cliffs, Cherry Plain, Westcliff Lookout, Big Falls, Tim Shae Falls, Festoon Falls, Dandabah, Pine Gorge Lookout, Mt Mowbullan, Anderson's Tramway, the Chute.

Crows Nest: Perseverance Dam, Valley of the Diamonds, Crow's Nest Falls, Cressbrook Creek, Mt Perseverance.

Brisbane Valley: Diana's Bath, Mt Brisbane.

Conondale Ranges:

    Booloumba Creek: Lobster Ck, Mt Allan, the Breadknife, Booloumba Falls, Peters Ck, Bundaroo Ck.

    Little Yabba Creek: Mt Allan, Sunday Creek, Sunday Creek Falls, Charlie Moreland Park.

Maleny / Mapleton (Blackall Range): Mary Cairncross Park, Obi Obi River & Gorge (float from the Baroon Pocket Dam down the Obi Obi through the gorge to Skene Ck and up to Kondalilla Falls OR to the Obi Obi bridge), Kondalilla Falls, Mapleton Falls.

The Glasshouse Mountains: Mtns Beerwah, Coonowrin (Crookneck), Tibrogargan, Ngungun, Coochin, Beerburrum, Tibberoowuccum, Tunbubudla, Wildhorse Mtn.

Sunshine Coast:

    Mountains: Mt Coolum, Mt Tinbeerwah, Mt Cooroy, Mt Pinbarren, Mt Cooroora, Mt Coondoo.

    Lakes: Lakes Cooloola, Como, Cootharaba, Lake Poona, Freshwater Lake.

    Rivers & Creeks: Mooloola River, Noosa River, Kin Kin Creek, the Noosa Everglades, Teewah Creek.

    Features: Harry's Hut, Kinaba, Cooloola Sand Patch, Cooloola Wilderness Trail (the Elisa Fraser Trail), Rainbow Beach, Double Island Point, Cooloola Coloured Sands, Elanda Point.



The Gold Coast Area

    Coomera, Oxenford, Dreamworld, Movie World, Sea World: Mt Tamborine: Cedar Creek Circuit, Palm Grove and Jenyn's Falls Circuit, Curtis Falls & Joalah Circuit, Eagle Heights, Witches Falls Circuit.

    Nerang, Currumbin Creek, Nerang River, Burleigh, Palm Beach, Mermaid Beach - Springbrook: Twin Falls Circuit, Warrie Circuit, Meeting of the Waters and The Pinnacle, Purlingbrook Falls and Waringa Pool, Bilbrough Lookout, Best of All Lookout.

    Coolangatta, The Gold Coast Hinterland, Tallebudgera Creek, Tugun, Currumbin Beach, Currumbin Valley, The Scenic Rim: Mt Cougal National Park - Mt Cougal East Peak, Mt Cougal West Peak, Cougal's Cascades, Pages Pinacle, Boyd's Butte, Tallebudgera Creek, The Garden of Eden, Mount Tomewin, Tomewin Border Gate, and
    Tomewin Border gate to Point Danger: Hanging Rock, Mt Teemangum, Mt Colagang, Mt Boololgung, Bilinga, Mt Woodgee, Cooloongatta Airport, Tweed Heads, Point Danger.

    Numinbah Valley, Advencetown, Gilston, Numinbah Gap Border Gate, Murwillumbah: Natural Bridge (or Natural Arch), the Springbrook Plateau, Egg Rock, Turtle Rock, Pages Pinacle, Bushrangers Cave.

    Over The Border, Murwillumbah, Nimbin, the Tweed River Valley: Mt Warning, Nightcap Range - Minyon Falls & Peach Mountain, Blue Knob, Sphinx, Mt Matheson, Mt Doughboy, Cooper's Creek Gorge, and Nimbin.

Lamington Plateau (or the Lamington National Park) The Binna Burra end

    Gilston, Lower Beechmont, Upper Beechmont, Canungra, Advancetown, Hinze Dam, The Gold Coast Hinterland - still The Scenic Rim -

Binna Burra:

    The Main Border Track to O'Reillys: Tullawallal Circuit, Rainforest Crcuit, Coomra Circuit, Mt Merino, Coomera River & Coomera Falls, Yarrabilgong Falls, Biby Lookout, Beereenbano Lookout, Chakoonya Lookout, Nyamulli Lookout, Wanungara Lookout, Coomera Gorge, Coomea Crevice.

    The Numinbah Area: Dave's Creek Circuit, Upper Ballunjui Falls, Ships Stern Track, Nixons Creek, Woggunba Valley, Molongolee Cave, Numinbah Lookout, Surprise Rock, Neubani Rock, Joalah Lookout, Wagawn, Mt Hobwee, Bushrangers Cave, Lower Ballunjui Falls, Bellbird Lookout, Koolanbilba Lookout, Yangahla Lookout, Picnic Rock, Lower Bellbird Circuit, Ballunjui Falls, Hidden Valley, Moonjooroora Lookout, Kooloobano Falls, Milleribah Lookout, Ballunjui Cascade, Nagarigoon Hut, Ship Stern, Egg Rock, Turtle Rock, Numinbah Valley, Kurraragin Valley.

    Below Binna Burra: (Still the Scenic Rim) - Illinbah Circuit, White Caves, Swimming Pool, Gwongoonol Pool, Nixon Creek, Lahey's Tabletop, Pyramid Rock, Darlington Range, the track to Fountain Falls, Old Cedar Road, Lower Coomera River, Wangerriburra Lookout, Mt Roberts, Bell Bird Creek, Coomera Gorge, Coomera Falls.

O'Reillys (Green Mountains): Lamington National Park (Still the Scenic Rim).

    Canungra, Beaudesert, The Gold Coast Hinterland, Logan Village, Alpaca Farm, Kerry, Albert River

    The Main Border Track: Stinson Memorial, Botanic Gardens, the Tree Walk, Pensioners Track, Old Forresters Camp, Mt Bithongabel and Lookout, Boolamoola Lookout, Meebunnba Lookout, Toolona Lookout, Mt Toolona, Antarctic Beech Forest, Wanungara Lookout, Mt Merino, Mt Hobwee, Binna Burra.

    West Canungra Creek: Toolona Circuit, Box Log Falls, Elabana Falls, Triple Falls, Gwongural Falls, Toolona Cascades, Toolona Falls, Emerald Falls, Wanungara Lookout, Glow Worm City, Box Forest, Giants Garden, Elabana Falls, Darragumai Falls, Bunyip Falls, Yanbacoochie Falls, Wongaree Falls, Millerigong Falls, Blue Pool, Stairway Falls, Valley of the Pines, junction with East Canungra Creek, Hanging Garden, Giants Stairway, Kareeba Falls, Toombinya Falls, Fountain Falls, Darlington Range, White Caves, Binna Burra, Middle Ridge Traverse.

    Albert River: Lightning Falls Track, Valley of the Echoes, Echo Point, Tweed River Valley, Chillingham, Cominan Lookout, Bithongabel Falls, Mirror Falls, Echo Falls, Lightning Falls, Thunder Falls, Black Canyon, Red Rock Cutting, Silver Falls.

    The West Cliffs: Lyre Bird Lookout, Orchid Grotto Lookout, Moonlight Craig Lookout, Balancing Rock, Castle Craig, Albert River Left Branch, Wishing Tree, Morans Falls, Water Race, Morans Gorge, Morans Creek, Morans Falls Lookout, Python Rock Lookout, West Cliff, Pats Bluff, Log Hut, Raining Cliff, Lukes Bluff, Rocky Creek, Commando Track, Stockyard Creek Track, Kerry Track, Duck Creek Road, Ding Bing Falls, Calamumda Lookout.

    Along the O'Reillys Road: Bull Ant Spur, Pack Horse Track, Blue Pool, Pats Bluff, Lukes Bluff, Duck Creek Rd, Snake Ridge Track, Valley of the Pines Lookout, Romeo Lahey's Memorial, Hoop Pine Forest, Moss Forest, Old Snigging Track, Cainbable Falls, Cainbable Falls Lookout, Bullock Track, Belsons Lookout, Kerry Lookout, Shepherds Lookout, Cainbable Creek, The Pudding.

Lamington National Park South: (Still the Scenic Rim).

    Beaudesert, Kerry, Rathdowney, Christmas Creek National Fitness Camp, Lamington, Border Loop, Cougil Railway Station, Running Creek, Albert River, Tweed Range, Border Ranges.

    Along the Queensland / New South Wales Border: (Still the Scenic Rim) & (The McPherson Ranges) Echo Point, Valley of the Echos, Mt Worendo, Mt Wupawn, Rat-a-Tat Hut, Mt Durigan, Albert River Left Branch, Black Canyon, Red Rock Cutting, Lost World, Mt Razorback, Lost World "Youth Hostel", Albert River Right Branch, Mount Widgee, Widgee Ridge, Throakban, Christmas Creek North Branch, Mt Westray, Roberts Tree, Christmas Creek South Branch, Pt Lookout, Stinson Wreck, Westray's Grave, Stretcher Track, Buchanans House, Buchanans Fort, The Dairy, Neglected Mountain, Little Widgee, England Creek Track, Lamington Plateau, Lamington Falls, Stoddarts Track.

    The Running Creek Area: Chingee Gap, Mt Chingee, Running Ck, Mt Gipps, The Birdcage, Black Snake Ridge, Running Creek Falls, England Creek, Stretcher Track, Running Creek North Branch, The Lamington Plateau, The Tweed Trig, Richmond Gap, The Border Loop, McPherson Range.

The Border Ranges National Park Wiangarie Area (The Tweed Range)

    Rathdowney, Kyogle, Cougal Creek.

    Wiangarie: The Tweed Trig, Gradys Creek, Gradys Creek Falls, Mt Gipps, The Border Railway Loop, Brindle Creek, Sheepstation Creek, Lynchs Creek, The Tweed Pinacle, The Antarctic Beech, Tweed Range Road, Warrazambil Creek, Paddys Mountain, Back Hand Mountain, Green Pigeon, Bald Mountain, The Bar Mountain, Fawcett Creek, Collins Creek, Lillian Rock, Hanging Rock Creek, Mebbin State Forest, Tweed Valley Lookout.

The McPherson Ranges - Mt Gipps to Girraween
Mt Gipps to Mt Lindesay

    Beaudesert, Rathdowney, Border Loop, Richmond Gap, Mt Lindesay Highway, the Summerland Way, Running Creek, Kyogle, Woodenbong, Urbenville, still The Scenic Rim -

Leavers Palteau along the Queensland / New South Wales Border:

    Mt Gipps to Mt Lindsay: Mt Gipps, the Birdcage, Black Snake Ridge, Richmond Gap, Border Loop, the Lyons Road, Tick Board Hut, Long Creek Falls, Leavers Plareau, the Helipad - Avarcado Farm, Palen Creek Prison Farm, Back Creek, Mt Tanna, Rabbit Board Hut, Mt Glennie, Glennies Chair, Glennie Gap, Mt Lindesay, Collins Gap, Mt Lindesay Border Gate.

    Leavers Plateau: Mt Glennie, Sawpit Creek, Findon Creek, Long Creek, Richmond Gap, Lyons Road, Border Loop railway tunnels, Surveyors Creek, Lindesay View.

Mt Lindsay to Wilsons Peak

    Rathdowney, Mt Lindesay Highway, the Summerland Way, Woodenbong, Urbenville, Old Kooreelah, Boonah, Boonah Border Gate, White Swamp Border Gate, The Head, Moogera Dam, Killarney - still The Scenic Rim of South East Queensland

The McPherson Ranges to the Great Dividing Range:

    Mt Lindsay to Wilsons Peak: Mt Libdsay, Mt Barney, Mt Ballow, The Ballow Massif, Nothofagus, Junction Peak, Double Peak, Mt CluneyBoonah Border Gate, White Swamp, Rabbit Fence, Wilsons Peak, The Head.

The Great Dividing Range:

Wilsons Peak to Girraween:

    Boonah, Killarney, Queen Mary Falls, The Head, Legume.

    Wilsons Peak to Killarney : Wilsons Peak, Acacia Plateau,


We have separate pages on this site for "Types of Walks" and "Food and Equipment". This is just a quick overview.

What You Need


    Equipment: a sturdy, small, light backpack with padded adjustable shoulder straps and an outside pocket on the back;
    Gear: torch; water bottle; first aid kit; camera; toilet kit; note pad & pen.
    Clothing: parka or annorack; hat; cotton shirt; shorts; sturdy footwear with good tread (joggers made for walking can do); thick socks; cotton undies; and a set of clean dry clothes in the car to change into after the walk.
    Food: a packet of biscuits; a packet of lollies; cut sandwiches or a salad or chicken - lunch can be anything provided it is filling and nutritional and is something you would eat at home anyway. Don't experiment with food just because you are on a bushwalk

Overnighters- same as above, plus-

    Equipment: a small light tent, with a floor, window, fly and zippered entrances; a bigger pack; a good quality sleeping bag; sleeping mat.
    Gear: ground sheet; spare batteries.
    Clothing: warm clothes for night time; change of undies.
    Food: breakfast - easily prepared & fast (Kelloggs or Wheat Bix & milk, or sandwiches - whatever you eat at home you will eat out on the track, but no time to cook. Keep food for all meals simple.

    All your Equipment, Gear, Spare Clothing and Food fits into your one pack

Basecamps: same as above, plus-

    Equipment: everything fits into the one pack only.
    Gear: light weight fuel stove; remember "slip, slop,slap".
    Clothing: a full change of clothing; sturdy footware with good tread;
    Food: two breakfasts & lunches and one dinner, plus nibbles throughout the day. Don't forget the food to share - most important.
    What Not To Bring: gas light, gas 2 or more burner stove, table, extra boxes or packs of gear

Throughwalks - the keyword is "light weight". All the above, but-

    Equipment: lightweight equipment is not cheap - ask Club members first & perhaps borrow. You will need a good light tent with fly, a light compact & warm sleeping bag, good insulating but light sleeping mat - such as closed cell foam.
    Gear: light weight fuel stove, enough sturdy water bottles, map & compass, aluminium fuel container.
    Clothing: essential for it to be comfortable, especially footware.
    Food: as for other walks, but a pre-cooked evening meal means you only have to spend the time warming it and not having to spend time preparing it (and you can eat it cold if necessary).

Extended Walks - those 4 days or longer-

    Same as above, but a lot more of it. You can take 2 or 3 days of fresh food, but will need freeze dried or dehydrated meals after that.

Though we are based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, we cover a lot of territory in our walks.

Walk With A Club   -   It Makes A Difference