Mountains & Creek  VISITOR’S NOTES

Thank you for your interest in the Brisbane Catholic Bushwalking Club Inc. The following brief notes are intended to provide some basic information about the association.


The Brisbane Catholic Bushwalking Club (BCBC) was formed in January 1958, and is one of the principal bushwalking clubs in South-East Queensland. The aims of the Association include promoting a Catholic organisation pursuing an active interest in Bushwalking, fostering appreciation and conservation of the Australian wilderness, flora, and fauna, and encouraging interaction with organisations and persons having similar interests and objectives. It became an incorporated body in March 1993.


Anyone 18 years of age or over, Catholic or Non-Catholic is welcome to join. Member’s ages range up to persons 60 and beyond – the average age would be early 40’s. The association typically has a membership of around 90 members. Applications for membership are available from the Secretary or the Membership Officer.

Catholics can become ordinary members, while Non-Catholics are most welcome to join as Associate Members. There are also discount fees for members spouses, and for members residing over 150km radius from the Brisbane GPO. Associate members pay less fees than ordinary members but are restricted in two ways – they cannot vote at meetings, nor can they be members of the Management Committee, though non members can be part of sub-committee’s (e.g. Social Secretary’s Sub Committee). Associate Members would comprise over 10% of our membership. Fees are due on the First of January in each year, and decrease for new members as the year progresses.

As a visitor you are most welcome to participate in any of our activities, however it is expected that after attending a few activities you wold apply for membership. To become a member you will require a nominator and a seconder, and your application must be approved by the Management Committee. The idea of this is not to be "restrictive" or "elitist", it is to provide both you and the Association with the opportunity to get to know each other. Once you have attended a few walks/socials/meetings, you will readily find a nominator and seconder.

Once you become a member, you will receive a copy of the Association’s monthly circular – Jilalan, which is posted to members and prospective members before each General Meeting. Jilalan gives details of past and future Association activities, with detailed descriptions of activities for the following month, along with the calendar with details for 3-6 months ahead.

Follow the Link to the Membership Application Form. Please print this out, staple the pages together, sign the form and ask 2 current membes to counter sign the form and hand it to the Treasurer with the subscription to the end of the year.



These are held on the third Monday of every month, being scheduled to commence at 7.30 pm. The location is St Michael's Parish Hall, 250 Banks St, Ashgrove (the old suburb of Dorrington). The Hall is behind the Church Building, down on the Lower Terrace. Enter the carpark by the left hand driveway, and proceed down the ramp to the lower car park. You can not see the Hall from the road. Meetings involve the usual Minutes, Correspondence etc, however there are also reports on past and coming walks and socials. This is a good place to talk to the leaders of future events and get the "good oil". After meetings, we usually have tea, coffee and biscuits, and a chat.



The Association provides a wide range of activities, which fall into three basic categories – Walks, Socials, and Training. Member participation ranges from those who are active in all the Association’s activities, to those who mainly partake of the walks available, while other members may mainly be interested in the socials.

SOCIALS - Are usually held about once a month, and vary from simple get-togethers at a café for a coffee, right up to formal balls. Many socials are held every year, and have become "traditions" within the Association.

WALKS - Are really the basis of our Association, and usually at least three different walks are available every month. The degree of difficulty varies greatly and ranges from leisurely ½ day strolls, to 3 day through-walks and base camps. It is hard to state here as to how difficult you will find walking as this varies for each walk and each walker. The best way to ascertain what is suitable for you is to talk to the leader of that particular walk. The Club tries to ensure that there is at least one walk per month suitable for beginners. There are four types of walks which we host, which are detailed later.

TRAINING- The Association holds a number of training days, which cover a wide variety of activities, from map and compass reading, to abseiling.

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